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LAST ORDERS! (by Sunday 25th March - re-opening Winter-2025)

We currently have over 40 varieties of willow and are adding new varieties to our collection every year. We offer our willow cuttings between late-November and March. We offer local pick-up, local delivery and postage of cuttings to anyone based in the UK - doing our very best to keep it as green as possible! See more info on Delivery & Returns.

Our willow cuttings are hand-cut to order, and we aim to have our customers receiving their cuttings within a few days. Orders are prioritised on receipt, so please order early to avoid disappointment!

Scroll-down to browse our categories of varieties of willow cuttings - if you cant find what you are looking for,  please contact us - we are here to help!

Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Welcome

Ornamental & Winter Colours

Willow comes in all sorts of beautiful shapes and colours with stunning foliage and wonderful catkins – this is our favourite collection of willow to enhance your gardens.

Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Welcome
Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Product Gallery

Basketry & Weaving

We have a growing number of willow varieties suitable for weaving with different colour, texture and sizing characteristics to complement your craft projects big or small

Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Welcome
Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Product Gallery

Catkins, Wildlife & Floristry

Planting willow can help to create an attractive habitat for wildlife, with catkins providing bees and butterflies with a source of food when pickings are slim… Catkins come in many shapes and sizes as do the foliage - both make wonderful additions to be observed in the garden as well as indoors; with cut flowers and foliage used in floristry or indoor design.

Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Welcome
Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Product Gallery

Living Structures

Whether it be for functionality or fun, or both – growing your own living willow structure will be a rewarding experience both during and after creation. Types of living willow structures include fedges, tunnels, archways, arbours, chairs, igloos, domes, plant-supports, sculptures/artworks – the possibilities are endless and every structure will be unique! This collection of willow cuttings are generally faster-growing and produce stronger stems suitable for living structures.

If you are unable to wait to grow and harvest your own willow for your next project, we may be able to supply you with what you are looking for – please contact us!

Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Welcome
    Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Product Gallery

    Wood Fuel & Short-Rotation Coppice

    Planting a fast-growing willow for fuel or firewood can be a low or carbon-neutral sustainable energy resource. This collection provides some of the best varieties to get you one step closer to becoming self-sufficient in your energy needs.

    Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Welcome
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      Delivery & Returns Info.

      With sustainability at our core, where possible we try to work together with our customers to minimise (and where practical, completely remove) delivery-miles and packaging. 

      Pick-Up & Local Delivery Options:

      1) Free Pick-Up: - by appointment.

      2) Free Local delivery: - up-to <10 miles (inc. AB34, Aboyne, Ballater, Strathdon...)

      3) Paid Aberdeenshire Delivery (£12): up-to <35 miles (inc. Aberdeen, Inverurie, Banchory....)

      4) UK Delivery: Small Packages Only (£6): up-to 50x willow cuttings.

      5) Delivery Outside > 35 miles / UK Delivery: Larger Parcels (£TBD): please contact us before ordering. 

      If you have any questions, need your order faster or would like us to delay delivery to make timing more convenient for you - get in contact and we will do our best to help!


      We do our very best to ensure our products arrive with our customers as expected, however if you are not satisfied, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt and we will work out a way to make things right (through refund or replacement). We do everything we can to deliver our cuttings and living willow kits in the right condition for planting, therefore it is really important that you follow our care instructions carefully before and on receipt of your cuttings / kits. No warranty is given as to the growth or suitability of our willow products for your location and/or use. 

      Cuttings Catalogue & Shop: Welcome

      Contact Us

      If you are interested in buying, have a question or need some help or advice? Please contact our team, we would love to hear from you!

      Chapel End Blelack House, Logie Coldstone, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, UK.

      Thanks for submitting!

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