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For a fast growing Windbreak Hedge we provide Salix Viminalis Hybrids which are some of the  robust willow varieties available. These varieties can grow up to 10′ in the first year of planting and 12-16' per year thereafter - and will grow to 25-30ft if not cut back. 


These hedges can be planted to provide shelter in exposed sites, reducing wind speeds by as much as 50-60%. They can also be used as part of accoustic noise barrier solution.


We supply two different types of kit, and are sold by metre length with 'Double Row' (1m width - 5x 45cm cuttings) and 'Tripple Row' (1.5m width - 8x cuttings) options.

Windbreak Hedge Kit

PriceFrom £6.00
  • The BASIC Kit: Contains the willow cuttings, and planting & aftercare instructions. These give our customers the option to go plastic-free (e.g. no weed-suppressing membrane and pegs), a great option where there is less need to protect against weeds or where an alternative (e.g. mulching) is to be used. 

    The FULL Kit: As per the 'basic' kit, with the addition of weed suppressing membrane & 6" pegs to secure the membrane. 

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