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A willow fedge (living fence) is an flexible and environmentally friendly decorative screen which provides interest both in winter and warmer months.


This fast growing option uses a Viminalis Hybrid varieties of willow - which can create an alternative to windbreak hedge.

We provide two fedge kits with 1m and 1.8m height options, and these are sold per meter length. 

'Fast' Willow Fedge Kit

PriceFrom £17.00
  • The BASIC Kit:
    Contains the willow rods, ties, planting & aftercare instructions. These give our customers the option to go plastic-free (e.g. no weed-suppressing membrane and pegs), a great option where there is less need to protect against weeds or where an alternative (e.g. mulching) is to be used. 

    The FULL Kit:
    As per the 'basic' kit, with the addition of weed suppressing membrane & 6" pegs to secure the membrane. 

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