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A Purple Willow (Salix Purpurea) hedge has good sturdy stems tinged with purple. It has lovely blue/green leaves, and very attractive foliage with colourful stems.


We supply two different types of kit, and are sold by metre length with 'Double Row' (1m width - 5x 45cm cuttings) and 'Tripple Row' (1.5m width - 8x cuttings) options. 

Purple Willow Hedge Kit

PriceFrom £8.00
  • The BASIC Kit: Contains the willow cuttings, and planting & aftercare instructions. These give our customers the option to go plastic-free (e.g. no weed-suppressing membrane and pegs), a great option where there is less need to protect against weeds or where an alternative (e.g. mulching) is to be used. 

    The FULL Kit: As per the 'basic' kit, with the addition of weed suppressing membrane & 6" pegs to secure the membrane. 

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