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A willow fedge (living fence) is an flexible and environmentally friendly decorative screen which provides interest both in winter and warmer months.


This kit comes with a mixture of yellow (Golden Willow) and purpled (Continental Purple) stemmed willow to give a contrasting all-year round colour. 


We provide two fedge kits with 1m and 1.8m height options, and these are sold per meter length. 

Mixed-Colours - Willow Fedge Kit

  • The BASIC Kit:
    Contains the willow rods, ties, planting & aftercare instructions. These give our customers the option to go plastic-free (e.g. no weed-suppressing membrane and pegs), a great option where there is less need to protect against weeds or where an alternative (e.g. mulching) is to be used. 

    The FULL Kit:
    As per the 'basic' kit, with the addition of weed suppressing membrane & 6" pegs to secure the membrane. 

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